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Safeguard your web3 investments with our AI Agent. Uncover honeypots, understand token permissions, and get comprehensive market insights. Shield yourself from rugpulls and scam tokens. DYOR here!

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Our state-of-the-art rug pull detection feature employs interactive charts and risk indicators, which makes it effortless for users to evaluate the safety of tokens on multiple chains through a comprehensive evaluation of token security, including market and code checks.



Identify and steer clear of malicious tokens with our advanced Honeypot Detector. Gain insights on token taxes, holding and transfer limits to make informed decisions

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Access the most precise risk ratings for tokens with our tool's thorough analysis of over 25 smart contract and market condition parameters before buying into a token.

Live Scam Alerts

Live Scam Alerts

We monitor suspicious tokens 24x7, and instantly send alerts through Twitter and Telegram channels when tokens turn into scams. Stay updated with live notifications.

How To Use QuillCheck

QuillCheck is beginner-friendly, delivering detailed token reports in three clicks. It simplifies token analysis for both new and experienced investors, ensuring fast and reliable assessments.

Select Chain
Choose from multiple blockchain networks for tailored token analysis.
Paste Token Address
Enter the correct contract address to ensure a complete security evaluation.
Click Check
Launch our token assessment using advanced detectors for instant results.
View Report
Get a comprehensive report offering actionable insights for informed decisions.
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Integrate our Token Risk API

QuillCheck APIs offer essential instant risk assessments for DEX users, automated scanning for blockchain explorers, and enable safe listings for launchpads. Enable informed decision-making for your users on your platform with QuillCheck APIs.


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Our FAQs provide you with immediate answers to common queries, helping you understand our processes and how we can aid in your Web3 due diligence

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